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Low temperature chiller


Customer: [Is it normal that the low-temperature pressure gauge is at a low level?"

(Low-temperature pressure gauge is exclusive to S&A dual-temperature dual-dump series of water chillers, which is used to test water pressure at low-temperature end.)
 Water Chiller: [Hello, if the low-temperature pressure gauge is at a low level, insufficient water flow will occur, which will lead to water flow alarm of the water chiller."
Customer: [Then how to solve this problem?"
Water Chiller: [The reason for the low level of low-temperature pressure gauge of water chiller can be divided into two kinds: firstly, the pressure gauge has faults; secondly, the water pump of the water chiller has faults."
Toyocool Water Chiller: [Block the water outlet and inlet of the water chiller, and observe whether the water chiller can reach the maximum head. If it can reach the maximum head, then the pressure gauge doesn`t have faults, and the problem can be solved just by replacing the water pump of the water chiller; if the water chiller can`t reach the maximum head, then the press gauge possibly has faults. You can replace the pressure gauge, and observe whether the low-temperature gauge of the water chiller can recover to normal."




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